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Darren Kane

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There she was just awalking down the street! [18 May 2006|04:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Saw Leanne Saunders from skool in the town today, looked as hot as ever! she didnt say anything to me though she just walked rite past me.
as my good friend nicola would say-beast.

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An anecdote [20 Apr 2006|01:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

It was 1975 and I was catching the last train home on the london underground. I boared the tube and found myself in a mad rush with a tall good looking man for the last seat. It was Peter Purvis at the height of his Blue Peter fame! Quick as a flash I ran to get the seat before him. He said "You Jammy Bastard" to which I replied "Dont be Blue, Peter!". Needless to say I had the last laugh now FUCK OFF!

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Quick Update [21 Mar 2006|01:35am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

OK quick update before the wrestling starts...
PAYDAY tomorrow :D. Should be about 115 pounds but then they take off tax so lord knows how much Ill end up with, and £20 of it is going to my Dad for my phone bill! Also gonna get some new clothes and a haircut. and fags, i need fags!! stop scrounchin them off people at work :-P.
And speaking of work-tis goin great!!! Had a go on the tills a few times but mostly been running for people and cleaning everything. Got to clean the childrens play area on Friday omg that was soooo fun!!!! Ed (the assisstant manager) I like cos hes cool n lets you get on with things and you can talk to him easily. But Jackie I dont really like shes so bossy lol. But shes only in during daytime, Ed is mostly there at nites so thats cool. Getting to know all my colleagues, have been working with Emma a lot and shes nice, she keeps me right. And last night I scrounged a ciggarette off Monica and was speaking to her for a while, shes from Russia or somewhere so her accent is sexy :-P. She told me she used to live in north muirton, basically round the corner from me but ive never seen her, shes moved now though. But yeah shes nice. There all great really! Oh n almost got fired for calling the kids bags 'Happy Meals' lol what am I like.

Had a driving lesson on Thursday and that went OK as usual, except for some idiot who was on the road thinkin it was cool n showin off to his friends (we were driving round high skool) and we nearly hit him but he moved. Darn!! Circled the school twice cos I was lookin for kat :-P, and also someone I hate so I could run them over!!! We stopped at the newsagent cos Jack needed fags and he even offered me one but I declined. When the smoking ban comes in on Sunday your not actually allowed to smoke in your car, I dunno exactly where you are allowed to smoke cos its sooo complicated. David told me today there are some places where you cant smoke outside aswell :S ill be frightened to light up incase i get arrested!!!! Surley you can do it anywhere outside though :S?

Erm OK I think thats all. Off to watch wrestling be 'c'ein u!

Reminder:Mothers day on Sunday!

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BURGER KING HOME OF THE WOPPER! [15 Mar 2006|12:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Had my first night at burger king last nite it went really well!! Except for my uniform :-|. I was told uniform would be provided but they only had one size of trousers left and they were waaaay to small for me lol. So I had to call my Dad to bring me my black trousers from my funeral whistle and flute down, but when I rang there was no answer and it was half an hour before i FINALLY got through to him and got my trousers. soooooo embarrasing! It could only happen to me huh! So I finally in my uniform, get a hat aswell!, and I get shown the ropes-how to work the tills, the fryer, the screens, the order of orders, all that stuff. Guy called Brian was showing me the ropes and hes cool. Went on break at 8 and had a burger king meal, now I reliase why mcdonalds is more popular lol...I wont write what I mean! After we ate...omg louisa is gonna be soooo mad at me for this....we were out the back cos he went for a fag and I smoked one aswell :-o :-o. Its horrible so I dont understand why I kept doing it lol. *i think its called addiction dear*. He said Ill be havin 1 an hour this time next week, I wudnt say that lol. But I did have a drag of another one at the end of the shift, but had to run cos my bus was there. Rite so after break I had to clean the toilets. Not a pretty thing to do but hey its my first day. Also mopped the dining area. Then that was the end of the shift. Was quiet, so I have to remember it doesnt get any easier!
Also dropped three subjects at college. Cos Im not goin back next year I only need 12 credits to pass, not 15 so i cn drop 3 yey less work! When Gillan and Derek asked me what Im doing after college I said Burger King and Jodi started laughing in her usual pyscho way lol. But John mentioned he can get me a job at asda so hes getting me the forms.
OK I think thats all, Ive got a driving lesson now wooohoo. and ill never ever smoke again louisa i promise!

Be 'c'ein u

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All things are possible to those who believe!!! [12 Mar 2006|11:07am]
[ mood | jobbbie! ]

As Shawn Michaels would say-If you believe you will succeed!

FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO EMPLOYMENT!! lol or something along those lines, but I have a jobbbbiie!!
Burger King woop woop!!! Had the interview at 800 on Thursday, by 810 I had the job!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I finally feel successful! Had my induction session yesterday morning, and my first shift is this Tuesday night, 6-10. Workin 26 hrs this week at £4.50 an hour, as hilary duff would say-Do the Math! Works out at around £100 (before tax :-(). But still its not really about the money, its about having the job, the satisfaction of having a job!!!

So now I just have to get a girlfriend and ill be happy. Ill be happy :-).

OK so I havnt really updated for a while, except for suicide notes....Still doing my job at library. It was great on Friday because the server crashed and me and eddie had to get it sorted cos everyone was pissed off when the internet broke lol, but was fun. Got it back up eventually. Also, there was this guy who had been phoning for ages trying to make an appointment to get on the comps and have someone help him set up an email account. So he finally gets here on Friday and then we see why he a)cant set up an email account and b)he keeps changing his appointment- yup hes been in the pub all day!! hes a fucking alchoholic!! he was stinking of vodka and beer and I had the unfortunate task of helping him set up his account which took ages cos he didnt have a clue what he was doin. And sitting beside him stinkin of booze was just awful! He finally left (through the wrong exit but still) and then me n eddie were laughin about it lol. he was just terrible!!! But its all part of the job, and now if I apply to work in a pub, I have experience in working with drunks!! I didnt know if I was continuing with the job cos I didnt know my burger king hours but if it was my last day it was certainly a memorable one. But my burger king hours dont interfere with Library so I can still do that aswell! Which is good cos its a fun job and the staff are nice (the woman who works downstairs in particular wink wink!) and theres hot girls using the comps which I can hopefully chat up so heyho well see how it goes.

Also driving lessons goin great! Confident with them now although I did turn to fast last week and nearly crashed but its all part of the learning experience. Just waiting on getting the CD from kat and then I can take my theory/hazard test. Then take my practical hopefully soon, then buy a car!!!

Ok I think thats all...be 'c'ein u.

oh, i celebrated getting a job by buying the shawn michaels cross pendant!! ill post a pic of it when its delivered its sooooo cool!

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Live for Wrestlemania, Die for tomorrow. [16 Feb 2006|09:38pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Come April 3rd (the day after Wrestlemania) if I havn't turned my life around, then it will be the end. Ill find a high building and plunge to my death. Thats it, because I seriously can't take it much more. If life hasnt improved by April 3rd, the end will be near.

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The end is near [04 Feb 2006|01:45am]
OK I have come to a descion...
after so much time of being depressed the time has come to end it all.
If i can't get things going right by the end of march then im gonna kill myself. simple as that. i rly cnt take it anymore and its just time to finish it. If i cant get going in the next two months then its never gonna happen, and i may aswell just put myself outta my misery.
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My weird dream... [17 Jan 2006|10:51am]
i had this dream last night about the bill..it was weird! i was a CID officer and we were investigating a buglary/murder about some guy. it was rly cooL! me and colleguaes wernt going home until we solved it! anyway somehow our investigation lead us to a hotel. we didnt whatever we were looking for but things got worse...i was in the corridors and saw two girls go into a room with a box and 5 minutes later come out with no box. one of my colleguaes-reg hollis says he knows one of them girls-shes an excon who went to prison for making and selling explosives. i run to that room to see what was in the box because i somehow think its suspicios but on the way i see Smithy and Louise in another room (if u dnt watch the bill then ill give u some background info...louise is married to a gangster and smithy is an officer at the station whos having an affair with her. theyre on the run cos louises husband knows about the affair and wants her killed. pauline fowler and dot cotton from eastenders are in the hotel.. :S and i tell pauline to remember the number 225 (the room with the 'box' in) and then get back to smithy somehow im close friens with smithy and am shocked to see theyve been injecting heroin!!! im standing on the outisde of the door and its half open (the chain on the door is stopping it from opening compleltly). i tell them they should give themselves up for the heroin, but Smithy makes a break out the window (i dunno why). reg is standing beside me commenting how tasty louise looks in her nightie and i tell her she must come out. somehow shouts that smithy has dissaperead and then i hear an explosion..that box has exploded and a fire has started in that room which spreads really fast around the hotel. so i get louise outta the room and we get down and out of the hotel, where everyone is watching it burn down at a rly fast speed. the entire right half is compeltly burnt (weird how it did it so fast but hey its a dream!). so then i tell louise we need to go find smithy and we run down and find him by the sea. i help them get away by telling them to go through a forrest and they make a break for it. i watch them leave and then reg comes up and tells me i did the right thing. we watch them running and then go back up to the hotel to sort out about the fire, acting like we didnt see smithy and louise..and that was it!! i woke up after that. weird dream but wud be an amazing episode of the bill!!lol to bad louise dies in thursdays episode.
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Life still sucks. [13 Jan 2006|10:20am]
[ mood | fed up with life. ]

OK so about one week on from my last post...and everything still sucks.

That girl i wrote about two posts down from here...vikki. well i thought we were getting on great and i was looking foward to talking to her again..but then i found out she had blocked me. and ive sent her messages on myspace but she just ignores me. what did i do wrong huh?? i dont get it...i really liked her and she blocked me for no reason. Just another rejection in a long line of rejections i soo fucking cant take this anymore. I should just kill myself seriously i should, would it make any difference? no it wudnt. i dont have any effect on anything so i may aswell not be here at all. Im so fucking pissed off and fed up with everything it really just isnt worth bothering with anymore. If i had a gun id use it right now. I just need to find an easy way to do this...

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Life sucks [07 Jan 2006|02:02pm]
[ mood | bored with life ]

Why does my whole life completly suck? Nothing seems to go right for me at all, nothing. I am so misreable and depressed I don't know why I bother. I wasn't happy with a bunch of things in 2005, Im not happy with everything in 2006, as we speak now. Ill go one better and say everything is piss-poor. If things continue to go the way they do, then I don't know what I'm gonna do, I seriously cannot take much more. Ill leave it at that.

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How time passes by... [05 Jan 2006|12:40am]
[ mood | old friends ]

ok not updated in a while...

Well not been doing much. Had the whole new years thing at mums was fine, came home on Sunday.

Had a driving lesson today, went really really well I only made one mistake! Was driving around high school and drove home through town. Fuckin great!!

Not been doing much else, just dvds and computer heyho sad life.

BUT :D something great has happened!!! I was browsing through myspace.com and found this girl I used to kow from my old primary school in Scone. Shes called Vicki, I havn't seen her in 11 years!!! But I remembered her and she remembers me :-) !! So was talkin to her on MSN tonight, didnt talk for long cos i came on late (fell asleep after The Bill I wanted to come on at 9 tonight so I could talk to her properly! :-@ ). But anyway was nice talkin to her and cant wait to talk to her again, shes so nice and pretty!!!! I wanna go meet her lol, back to scone...back to my old stomping ground...back in the 'hood...and all that!! ah well will see how it goes. Just hope she likes me aswell!!

OK so really I just updated to tell the amazing vicki story lol ill remember this day forever :-P .

Also Jane your a lying cow.

OK thats all be 'c'ein u.

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new years eve [31 Dec 2005|02:55am]
[ mood | i hate new years ]

woooop...not. i fucking hate new years.

anyway i was hopin to be workin tomorrow nite at the concert hall but i guess theyve got enough waiters so i wont be going :-(. I really wanted to go cos i wanted to see Caroline again, the hot girl I met last time and she was really nice!! I should have asked for her phone number. Well she works for the agency aswell, so if i slip them £50 in used notes in a brown paper bag, then maybe theyll give me her number. Anyway going to mums for new years.

Not been doing much this week. Went to town on Monday to take the dvds back because they were wrong. Also got somemore dvds-Two and a Half Men, and Futerama series 2 and 3. Still got some moeny left, also sent off for dvds from a wrestling trader. Wont bore you with the details.

Took ages to put my DVD-RW into the pc tower. I had to take the fan off and the power connecter sorta fell apart but eventually got it all sorted, and i didnt barbacue myself :-D! oi George, fuck those static wrist bands, i dont need them im fucking hardcore and fuck it all! cos wer fucking rocking all over the fucking world!!! (sorry-gene simmons and status quo had a bad influence on me).

On tuesday I had a drivng lesson. Went well despite the snow, had some trouble going round a roundabout and nearly died again....think god is trying to tell me something.

And ive spent Wednesday Thursday and Friday lying in the house watching new dvds and piggin out on sweets and crips. Only another week and a bit until im back at college, cant wait to see zarah again :-).

so im just sitting here now at 3am, muckin about on myspace and faceparty and waiting for leanne to come back (tick tick leanne!). Cant be bothered going to bed yet, not tired.

rite leave a comment everyone that means you jane. and david whats up with your comment.

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ITS CHRRRRRRRRRRRISTMAS! [25 Dec 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | christmas! ]

merry christmas (dnt say xmas its common!).
Great day, awoke at 830 to open presents lol. i got...
Status Quo album
Sugar Rush dvd
Rock School dvd
Jimmy Carr dvd
New watch
Crisps and sweets
Rik Myall biography
Billy Connolly live
and £150!!!

my friend amanda got a goat...a goat! lol i cant get over that.
Had lunch at my mums house, was nice but i couldnt finish it all. Took some turkey, stuffing and gatuex home with me in a doggy bag.

The christmas soaps were great!!! First was Corrie, and it was really sad at the end to see Mike crying, i cant believe hes gonna die :-(. Johnny Briggs is such a good actor!
Then Eastenders, Alfie and Kat left together :-). A happy eastenders ending at christmas. Ah u cant beat Eastenders :-). OK im off to watch tv.

Be 'c'ein u

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2 days to Christmas! [23 Dec 2005|02:56pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hey up!
Went to town today to meet people and give presents. Was fun fun fun all the way! Cept from David clinging onto Kat the entire fucking time, she wudnt even give me a hug at the end :-(. Its like there fucking glued together! Anyway gave Kat her present, got one of her. She opened hers, I didnt. Also got a tenner off jodes (sort of, I was gonna give him a tenner, he was giving me a tenner, so we just kept the tenners, sortad!). Gave Jane a card, her present and a tenner, she didnt get me anything . And i gave Graeme a card, we decided not to give presents, although he did load the card with stocking fillers-a candy cane, a choc coin and a party popper. Also gave David a card even though I hate him. Theres a story to this though-the card was actually for a guy called David in my class but he wasnt there this week so I gave it to him instead. Yes, because its christmas he is not my mortal enemy, but on boxing day he will be, and ill get him next year cos i FUCKING hate him! After exchanging presents, we went to some cafe for lunch. There wasnt a lot of room so we were at seperate tables. Me Jodes Graeme and Nicola were at one table, and Gary Jane Kat and David were at the other. And I could see David holding Kat the entire fucking time whats up with him is she gonna fall over without him holding her i dnt fucking think so jeez. Anyway it was funny at our table cos me n graeme were being total wally and Jodes and Nicola were all embarrased. I was playing music from my phone lol. First was the coronation street theme, and I was conducting it along and so was Graeme it was so funny! And then the Eastenders theme tune and we were singing to that, lol. its christmas Im aloud to do it!!!! I had a glass of coke and made the mistake of not peeing afterwards, so on the bus home I was fucking bursting!!!! Thats about all we did so I came home afterwards. Jodes and Graeme and Nicola left and I wasnt gonna wait around to be ignored by Jane and watch David hold onto Kat incase she accidently slips .

Thats all for now, im off to watch christmas videos!

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4 days to christmas! [21 Dec 2005|12:57am]
[ mood | CHristmas!! ]

Woooohoooo cant wait
Quick update then lets get going...

I am one lazy git!!! Sat watching Eastenders on UK Gold all weekend. Was in my dressing gown on the setee all weekend, only got up to get food or to pee! Settled down there on Friday night and didn't get up till Monday morning at 9 (for college :-( ). It was GREAT!! Christmas is truly a great time in Albert Square, it was great seeing the really old episodes. My favourites were the one were Den gave Angie the divorce papers (1986), the one where Alfie and Kat got married (2003), and the Watts family christmas dinner (2004). Was amazing to see Den!! Also watched Heartbeat on Sunday night because Todd Carty was in it playing a villan. I never watch it but wanted to see it cos everybody knows im a huge Todd fan. He was really great in it, played the part so well!

Had another driving lesson today, drove from my house up to Tescos (Janes gaff ;-)) and home from there. It went really well, I didnt hit a thing .

Have started watching all my christmas DVDs and Videos!!! Watched The Grinch tonight, its so funny!! 3 days to watch everything else...

OK thats all, lets all go home and think about what happened here tonight.


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9 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS! [16 Dec 2005|02:55pm]
[ mood | CHRISTMASSS! ]

Ok lets do this as quick as possible cos The Bill is coming on...

Passed both my COS test and my WWW/Javascript tests this week in Computing! wooohoo! Only HIM and IT Apps to do now and then thats me done for christmas. *Jurrasic Park!*

Had a driving lesson on Tuesday. Went really well again, and I got to drive home from the High School, through main roads and everything it was sooooooooooooooo fun!!! I didnt crash at all! *Back of the net*!

Was workin last nite at the concert hall, serving the meals to the diners at a christmas party. Burnt my hands cos the plates are FUCKING hot and the gloves are FUCKING thin! But its worth the money, and all the bog roll soaked in water I had to keep over my hands all nite! After finishing work me and some of the other guys from the agency went onto a bar. I was actually in a bar :-o!! We went to Sportsters, as usual I just had pepsi. Didnt stay long cos the last bus was at 12:15 and I was NOT walking home!

Got my christmas trees up! One in my room, and one in the drawing room! Christmas is truly here :-)! Also got all my Christmas shopping done yesterday and today. So thats that done and I had enough money for it all *phew*.

Got a card from Amanda today its sooooo nice! Its a special friend card...awww!!! I feel really bad now cos I just sent her a card from the box of Simpsons cards I got, not a special friend one :-|. So im gonna get her a huuuuge valentines card to make up for it.

Finally, Nana Moon dies in Eastenders tonite. its gonna be so sad :'(!!!

Be 'c'ein u

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16 days to christmas!!! [09 Dec 2005|12:50am]
[ mood | The Bill is fucking great! ]


well ive been going on a spending spree with my debit card and cheque book!! i really need to cut them up otherwise ill have no money left :|. anyway, ive bought-15 years of eastenders DVD (got that yesterday, omg its great!), ready to rumble dvd (a wrestling movie), the idols-merry xmas CD (wanted it for the video on it, which i have received now and LOVE), The Rugrats adventure game (played this years ago but never finished it, now ive come back to finish what i started!), and finally some TNA DVDS from a wrestling trader. I think thats all. Oh I also bought Shawn Michaels biography last week, still havnt finsihed reading it yet but its great!!! OK now no more spending on myself till after christmas. Gotta use what i have left for presents and drivng lessons. Oh..and I also bought the demon headmaster DVD yesterday, it cost £20 but it was worth it!

Done a couple of temporary jobs in the past week. Last friday I was working at a factory unpacking boxes and making boxes, not very exciting but worth the money, get paid tomorrow! And on Wednesday I was working at the concert hall, serving wine to the punters. I didnt think id enjoy it but it was actually really fun!! It was an easy job and just was nice, I made a new friend to!! Hes also called Darren lol. We arrived at the hall together and had to wait for Lesley (our agent) arriving, we got to talking and we got a lot in common (Eastenders and wrestling haha) and he helped me during the nite with the bottle opener thing (useless!). We're gonna go for a drink sometime he said, yey a drinking buddy :-). So nothing more at the moment, but I do have an interview tomorrow at the library for a computing helper job, but it doesnt pay, its only volunteer work, but it is work, which means experience and reference!!!

Had a driving lesson on Monday, once again it went really well. Im improving a lot more with the new instructor. next week i get to drive home from the high school!! wow thats far!!!

Eastenders weekend next weekend i cant wait i just had to put this in!!! All weekend there showing the christmas episodes of Eastenders on UK GOld, im gonna watch AND tape them all!! Im most looking foward to-Den giving Angie the divorce papers, Kat and Alfies wedding, Mark Fowler revealing his HIV, and The Watts family christmas dinner 2004. OOOOOOO this is so fucking exciting!!!!

And speaking of Eastenders, Frank Butcher is back at the moment for Janines trial. I missed Monday and Tuesdays episodes (thats what I get for not sleeping enough, fell asleep during hollyoaks and woke up hrs later :'(). But I saw tonites one and he was great! he didnt use any of his catchphrases though :-(. My faves are " What are you some king of pilchard!", and "Ill give you a dry slap" oh and not forgetting "Rickaaaaaaaaaay!!!". lol hes great, i need to get one of Mike Reids (man who plays him) DVDS. Hmmmm *wanders to ebay*.

Finally, after a few weeks of a bit boring, The Bill is back on form to being great. Maybe it was boring or maybe it was me still greiving for the death of Gabriel Kent (Todd Carty). I got the series two DVD of The Bill and its really great, and now this week the present day Bill is really back on form. The murder of PC Lance Powell really brought it back and gave Roger Valentine a great line that peaked the episode-"Sometimes justice just doesnt do it, we may have solved the case, but it doesn't break Lance back" and the whole room looked round to him, and then Rog put Lances photo in the case box, and that was the end. Good episode, got better tonight when it was Lances funeral. All of the relief was there, and the wake was nice. They toasted to Lance and then Tony, Roger and Yvonne walked out of the pub, all going seperate ways home, with a song by Embrace being played (which never happens, the bill usually goes out on a cliff hanger, but tonight it was 'case closed' so to speak.). Roll on next week!!!

OK thats all, Im off. Be 'c'ein u.

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The First Christmas time Update [01 Dec 2005|12:08pm]
[ mood | ooOOOo I have a debit card!!! ]

Yuuuup!! Its December, the season to be jolly!!!!

OK well i've finished my survey job. No more standing in the freezing cold or anything yey. Got paid on Friday, get paid more this friday :D. That'll cover christmas presents n stuff. Now im back to being an unemployed bum though :-(. Graemes Dad has to fill in a form for me to get work on peoplefinders but he keeps putting it off :-@ i wish he'd do it!!!! I need money to get Kat a christmas present!

Gettin really christmassy-bought the Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD last week!! Its sooooooo fun I love singing along to all the songs (8)It feels like christmas!(8). Also bought Elf, thats not as good as I thought it would be but still enjoyable. The free alarm clock with it doesnt work though grrr!

Failed both my Hardware test and my systems test at college :-|. I have to pass the resits or I am in deep deep stook!!!! Doing the resits before christmas so I should really get revising...

The weather last friday was fucking terrible!! Snowing like mad I had to walk up the road to college in it and I didn't have a jacket on so was cold and covered in snow. Luckily after college David in my class give me a lift down to town, then I went and got my new mag, so not all bad.

Dunno what I'll be doing for christmas yet. My Mum wants me to go to hers for christmas, with her boyfriend. But we'll just be sitting all day and I'lll prob get bored. I just wanna be in my own house and watch all my new christmas presents (DVDS! :D). But I'll see what happens. Going to my mums on saturday so will see what its like.

Had a job interview on Tuesday at Fairfax hotel representatives. Didn't get the job :'(. They were supposed to phone me and tell me if I got it but never heard anything. Why won't anyone hire me :'(!!

Also while I was in town on Tuesday I went to the bank to enqurie about a debit card and cheque book. Amazingly I actually already have a debit card!! My cashline card is already a debit card :-o!! LOL I had no idea. They're also sending me a cheque book out within next two weeks wooohooo!! I just better make sure I don't bounce a cheque (And ill have to work out what that means first :-)). Anyway as soon as I got home I was on tha t'internet and checking to see if the card works. I bought the Katie Melua album off Amazon.co.uk and it actually worked!! I have my own debit card....I have power!!!! Got the album this morning woohoo. I just have to make sure I dont go crazy with my card. Ive told Louisa and Kat and Danielle to slap me if I start overspending with my card lol.

Finally, had a driving lesson yesterday, for the first time in four weeks! Have Jack now that Steve has left, hes reallly nice, more comfortable with him than Steve. Did great in the lesson, got another one on Friday yey.

Ok thats all for now, be 'c'ein u.

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blah update [20 Nov 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | want a driving lesson! ]

GRRRRR! Haven't had a driving lesson for 2 weeks now. My instructor quit and noone told me, so I was up ready for my lesson and he didnt turn up for ages. So I phoned the school and was told what happened, and so im getting Jack next week, I hope, unless something else goes wrong!!!!

Got a job (finally). Its only temporary though, I stand at the bus station and train station doing surveys. I have to do 72 a day to get paid. Its an OK job, although I was freezing!!! I was mostly going up to hot girls and asking them to do the survey *surprise surprise* lol. Didnt get any luck, but still got 3 more days to do so fingers crossed :P. After that its over though :(.

Watched Saw last nite. SOOOOO scary!! I nearly shat myself :|. Im still gonna see saw2 though!!!

Bret Hart was on Byte This last week, it was great seeing him again, I hope hes back on TV soon. Hes appearing at a wrestling card in Doncaster next year, Id love to get tickets!! I know my bret obsessed friend Nicola is trying aswell so it'd be cool to run into her there :D.

I won a competition on the Digital Spy website i couldnt believe I won :-o. Got a Bill series two DVD. Had to caption a pic from the bill, it was Gabriel (Todd Carty) and Sheelagh (Bernie Nolan) in the scene where she confronts him about his true identity. Heres an extract from the site about me:

That leaves just three from my short-list this week, from which I have chosen Darren Kane, of Perth, Scotland, and Brian Lindau, of Stoke-on-Trent, as joint runners-up with similar-style entries.

Darren’s offering from Sheelagh was: "I knew your name wasn't really Gabriel. Does Pauline know you’re still alive ... Mark Fowler?" while Brian’s was: “So it’s true! Your real name IS Mark Fowler!”

And here is the pic that I had to caption

Finally, Eddie Gurrero passed away last week, Rest In Peace Latino Heat.

Be 'c'ein u

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Pictures!!! [13 Nov 2005|02:23am]
[ mood | The bear makes me feel good! ]

This is the bear that Kat gave me :-).

Kats bear

Me and Kat in town

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