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blah update

GRRRRR! Haven't had a driving lesson for 2 weeks now. My instructor quit and noone told me, so I was up ready for my lesson and he didnt turn up for ages. So I phoned the school and was told what happened, and so im getting Jack next week, I hope, unless something else goes wrong!!!!

Got a job (finally). Its only temporary though, I stand at the bus station and train station doing surveys. I have to do 72 a day to get paid. Its an OK job, although I was freezing!!! I was mostly going up to hot girls and asking them to do the survey *surprise surprise* lol. Didnt get any luck, but still got 3 more days to do so fingers crossed :P. After that its over though :(.

Watched Saw last nite. SOOOOO scary!! I nearly shat myself :|. Im still gonna see saw2 though!!!

Bret Hart was on Byte This last week, it was great seeing him again, I hope hes back on TV soon. Hes appearing at a wrestling card in Doncaster next year, Id love to get tickets!! I know my bret obsessed friend Nicola is trying aswell so it'd be cool to run into her there :D.

I won a competition on the Digital Spy website i couldnt believe I won :-o. Got a Bill series two DVD. Had to caption a pic from the bill, it was Gabriel (Todd Carty) and Sheelagh (Bernie Nolan) in the scene where she confronts him about his true identity. Heres an extract from the site about me:

That leaves just three from my short-list this week, from which I have chosen Darren Kane, of Perth, Scotland, and Brian Lindau, of Stoke-on-Trent, as joint runners-up with similar-style entries.

Darren’s offering from Sheelagh was: "I knew your name wasn't really Gabriel. Does Pauline know you’re still alive ... Mark Fowler?" while Brian’s was: “So it’s true! Your real name IS Mark Fowler!”

And here is the pic that I had to caption

Finally, Eddie Gurrero passed away last week, Rest In Peace Latino Heat.

Be 'c'ein u
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