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The First Christmas time Update

Yuuuup!! Its December, the season to be jolly!!!!

OK well i've finished my survey job. No more standing in the freezing cold or anything yey. Got paid on Friday, get paid more this friday :D. That'll cover christmas presents n stuff. Now im back to being an unemployed bum though :-(. Graemes Dad has to fill in a form for me to get work on peoplefinders but he keeps putting it off :-@ i wish he'd do it!!!! I need money to get Kat a christmas present!

Gettin really christmassy-bought the Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD last week!! Its sooooooo fun I love singing along to all the songs (8)It feels like christmas!(8). Also bought Elf, thats not as good as I thought it would be but still enjoyable. The free alarm clock with it doesnt work though grrr!

Failed both my Hardware test and my systems test at college :-|. I have to pass the resits or I am in deep deep stook!!!! Doing the resits before christmas so I should really get revising...

The weather last friday was fucking terrible!! Snowing like mad I had to walk up the road to college in it and I didn't have a jacket on so was cold and covered in snow. Luckily after college David in my class give me a lift down to town, then I went and got my new mag, so not all bad.

Dunno what I'll be doing for christmas yet. My Mum wants me to go to hers for christmas, with her boyfriend. But we'll just be sitting all day and I'lll prob get bored. I just wanna be in my own house and watch all my new christmas presents (DVDS! :D). But I'll see what happens. Going to my mums on saturday so will see what its like.

Had a job interview on Tuesday at Fairfax hotel representatives. Didn't get the job :'(. They were supposed to phone me and tell me if I got it but never heard anything. Why won't anyone hire me :'(!!

Also while I was in town on Tuesday I went to the bank to enqurie about a debit card and cheque book. Amazingly I actually already have a debit card!! My cashline card is already a debit card :-o!! LOL I had no idea. They're also sending me a cheque book out within next two weeks wooohooo!! I just better make sure I don't bounce a cheque (And ill have to work out what that means first :-)). Anyway as soon as I got home I was on tha t'internet and checking to see if the card works. I bought the Katie Melua album off Amazon.co.uk and it actually worked!! I have my own debit card....I have power!!!! Got the album this morning woohoo. I just have to make sure I dont go crazy with my card. Ive told Louisa and Kat and Danielle to slap me if I start overspending with my card lol.

Finally, had a driving lesson yesterday, for the first time in four weeks! Have Jack now that Steve has left, hes reallly nice, more comfortable with him than Steve. Did great in the lesson, got another one on Friday yey.

Ok thats all for now, be 'c'ein u.
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