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16 days to christmas!!!


well ive been going on a spending spree with my debit card and cheque book!! i really need to cut them up otherwise ill have no money left :|. anyway, ive bought-15 years of eastenders DVD (got that yesterday, omg its great!), ready to rumble dvd (a wrestling movie), the idols-merry xmas CD (wanted it for the video on it, which i have received now and LOVE), The Rugrats adventure game (played this years ago but never finished it, now ive come back to finish what i started!), and finally some TNA DVDS from a wrestling trader. I think thats all. Oh I also bought Shawn Michaels biography last week, still havnt finsihed reading it yet but its great!!! OK now no more spending on myself till after christmas. Gotta use what i have left for presents and drivng lessons. Oh..and I also bought the demon headmaster DVD yesterday, it cost £20 but it was worth it!

Done a couple of temporary jobs in the past week. Last friday I was working at a factory unpacking boxes and making boxes, not very exciting but worth the money, get paid tomorrow! And on Wednesday I was working at the concert hall, serving wine to the punters. I didnt think id enjoy it but it was actually really fun!! It was an easy job and just was nice, I made a new friend to!! Hes also called Darren lol. We arrived at the hall together and had to wait for Lesley (our agent) arriving, we got to talking and we got a lot in common (Eastenders and wrestling haha) and he helped me during the nite with the bottle opener thing (useless!). We're gonna go for a drink sometime he said, yey a drinking buddy :-). So nothing more at the moment, but I do have an interview tomorrow at the library for a computing helper job, but it doesnt pay, its only volunteer work, but it is work, which means experience and reference!!!

Had a driving lesson on Monday, once again it went really well. Im improving a lot more with the new instructor. next week i get to drive home from the high school!! wow thats far!!!

Eastenders weekend next weekend i cant wait i just had to put this in!!! All weekend there showing the christmas episodes of Eastenders on UK GOld, im gonna watch AND tape them all!! Im most looking foward to-Den giving Angie the divorce papers, Kat and Alfies wedding, Mark Fowler revealing his HIV, and The Watts family christmas dinner 2004. OOOOOOO this is so fucking exciting!!!!

And speaking of Eastenders, Frank Butcher is back at the moment for Janines trial. I missed Monday and Tuesdays episodes (thats what I get for not sleeping enough, fell asleep during hollyoaks and woke up hrs later :'(). But I saw tonites one and he was great! he didnt use any of his catchphrases though :-(. My faves are " What are you some king of pilchard!", and "Ill give you a dry slap" oh and not forgetting "Rickaaaaaaaaaay!!!". lol hes great, i need to get one of Mike Reids (man who plays him) DVDS. Hmmmm *wanders to ebay*.

Finally, after a few weeks of a bit boring, The Bill is back on form to being great. Maybe it was boring or maybe it was me still greiving for the death of Gabriel Kent (Todd Carty). I got the series two DVD of The Bill and its really great, and now this week the present day Bill is really back on form. The murder of PC Lance Powell really brought it back and gave Roger Valentine a great line that peaked the episode-"Sometimes justice just doesnt do it, we may have solved the case, but it doesn't break Lance back" and the whole room looked round to him, and then Rog put Lances photo in the case box, and that was the end. Good episode, got better tonight when it was Lances funeral. All of the relief was there, and the wake was nice. They toasted to Lance and then Tony, Roger and Yvonne walked out of the pub, all going seperate ways home, with a song by Embrace being played (which never happens, the bill usually goes out on a cliff hanger, but tonight it was 'case closed' so to speak.). Roll on next week!!!

OK thats all, Im off. Be 'c'ein u.
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