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2 days to Christmas!

Hey up!
Went to town today to meet people and give presents. Was fun fun fun all the way! Cept from David clinging onto Kat the entire fucking time, she wudnt even give me a hug at the end :-(. Its like there fucking glued together! Anyway gave Kat her present, got one of her. She opened hers, I didnt. Also got a tenner off jodes (sort of, I was gonna give him a tenner, he was giving me a tenner, so we just kept the tenners, sortad!). Gave Jane a card, her present and a tenner, she didnt get me anything . And i gave Graeme a card, we decided not to give presents, although he did load the card with stocking fillers-a candy cane, a choc coin and a party popper. Also gave David a card even though I hate him. Theres a story to this though-the card was actually for a guy called David in my class but he wasnt there this week so I gave it to him instead. Yes, because its christmas he is not my mortal enemy, but on boxing day he will be, and ill get him next year cos i FUCKING hate him! After exchanging presents, we went to some cafe for lunch. There wasnt a lot of room so we were at seperate tables. Me Jodes Graeme and Nicola were at one table, and Gary Jane Kat and David were at the other. And I could see David holding Kat the entire fucking time whats up with him is she gonna fall over without him holding her i dnt fucking think so jeez. Anyway it was funny at our table cos me n graeme were being total wally and Jodes and Nicola were all embarrased. I was playing music from my phone lol. First was the coronation street theme, and I was conducting it along and so was Graeme it was so funny! And then the Eastenders theme tune and we were singing to that, lol. its christmas Im aloud to do it!!!! I had a glass of coke and made the mistake of not peeing afterwards, so on the bus home I was fucking bursting!!!! Thats about all we did so I came home afterwards. Jodes and Graeme and Nicola left and I wasnt gonna wait around to be ignored by Jane and watch David hold onto Kat incase she accidently slips .

Thats all for now, im off to watch christmas videos!
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