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merry christmas (dnt say xmas its common!).
Great day, awoke at 830 to open presents lol. i got...
Status Quo album
Sugar Rush dvd
Rock School dvd
Jimmy Carr dvd
New watch
Crisps and sweets
Rik Myall biography
Billy Connolly live
and £150!!!

my friend amanda got a goat...a goat! lol i cant get over that.
Had lunch at my mums house, was nice but i couldnt finish it all. Took some turkey, stuffing and gatuex home with me in a doggy bag.

The christmas soaps were great!!! First was Corrie, and it was really sad at the end to see Mike crying, i cant believe hes gonna die :-(. Johnny Briggs is such a good actor!
Then Eastenders, Alfie and Kat left together :-). A happy eastenders ending at christmas. Ah u cant beat Eastenders :-). OK im off to watch tv.

Be 'c'ein u
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