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new years eve

woooop...not. i fucking hate new years.

anyway i was hopin to be workin tomorrow nite at the concert hall but i guess theyve got enough waiters so i wont be going :-(. I really wanted to go cos i wanted to see Caroline again, the hot girl I met last time and she was really nice!! I should have asked for her phone number. Well she works for the agency aswell, so if i slip them £50 in used notes in a brown paper bag, then maybe theyll give me her number. Anyway going to mums for new years.

Not been doing much this week. Went to town on Monday to take the dvds back because they were wrong. Also got somemore dvds-Two and a Half Men, and Futerama series 2 and 3. Still got some moeny left, also sent off for dvds from a wrestling trader. Wont bore you with the details.

Took ages to put my DVD-RW into the pc tower. I had to take the fan off and the power connecter sorta fell apart but eventually got it all sorted, and i didnt barbacue myself :-D! oi George, fuck those static wrist bands, i dont need them im fucking hardcore and fuck it all! cos wer fucking rocking all over the fucking world!!! (sorry-gene simmons and status quo had a bad influence on me).

On tuesday I had a drivng lesson. Went well despite the snow, had some trouble going round a roundabout and nearly died again....think god is trying to tell me something.

And ive spent Wednesday Thursday and Friday lying in the house watching new dvds and piggin out on sweets and crips. Only another week and a bit until im back at college, cant wait to see zarah again :-).

so im just sitting here now at 3am, muckin about on myspace and faceparty and waiting for leanne to come back (tick tick leanne!). Cant be bothered going to bed yet, not tired.

rite leave a comment everyone that means you jane. and david whats up with your comment.
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