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How time passes by...

ok not updated in a while...

Well not been doing much. Had the whole new years thing at mums was fine, came home on Sunday.

Had a driving lesson today, went really really well I only made one mistake! Was driving around high school and drove home through town. Fuckin great!!

Not been doing much else, just dvds and computer heyho sad life.

BUT :D something great has happened!!! I was browsing through myspace.com and found this girl I used to kow from my old primary school in Scone. Shes called Vicki, I havn't seen her in 11 years!!! But I remembered her and she remembers me :-) !! So was talkin to her on MSN tonight, didnt talk for long cos i came on late (fell asleep after The Bill I wanted to come on at 9 tonight so I could talk to her properly! :-@ ). But anyway was nice talkin to her and cant wait to talk to her again, shes so nice and pretty!!!! I wanna go meet her lol, back to scone...back to my old stomping ground...back in the 'hood...and all that!! ah well will see how it goes. Just hope she likes me aswell!!

OK so really I just updated to tell the amazing vicki story lol ill remember this day forever :-P .

Also Jane your a lying cow.

OK thats all be 'c'ein u.
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