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Life still sucks.

OK so about one week on from my last post...and everything still sucks.

That girl i wrote about two posts down from here...vikki. well i thought we were getting on great and i was looking foward to talking to her again..but then i found out she had blocked me. and ive sent her messages on myspace but she just ignores me. what did i do wrong huh?? i dont get it...i really liked her and she blocked me for no reason. Just another rejection in a long line of rejections i soo fucking cant take this anymore. I should just kill myself seriously i should, would it make any difference? no it wudnt. i dont have any effect on anything so i may aswell not be here at all. Im so fucking pissed off and fed up with everything it really just isnt worth bothering with anymore. If i had a gun id use it right now. I just need to find an easy way to do this...
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