Darren Kane (livingundead) wrote,
Darren Kane

My weird dream...

i had this dream last night about the bill..it was weird! i was a CID officer and we were investigating a buglary/murder about some guy. it was rly cooL! me and colleguaes wernt going home until we solved it! anyway somehow our investigation lead us to a hotel. we didnt whatever we were looking for but things got worse...i was in the corridors and saw two girls go into a room with a box and 5 minutes later come out with no box. one of my colleguaes-reg hollis says he knows one of them girls-shes an excon who went to prison for making and selling explosives. i run to that room to see what was in the box because i somehow think its suspicios but on the way i see Smithy and Louise in another room (if u dnt watch the bill then ill give u some background info...louise is married to a gangster and smithy is an officer at the station whos having an affair with her. theyre on the run cos louises husband knows about the affair and wants her killed. pauline fowler and dot cotton from eastenders are in the hotel.. :S and i tell pauline to remember the number 225 (the room with the 'box' in) and then get back to smithy somehow im close friens with smithy and am shocked to see theyve been injecting heroin!!! im standing on the outisde of the door and its half open (the chain on the door is stopping it from opening compleltly). i tell them they should give themselves up for the heroin, but Smithy makes a break out the window (i dunno why). reg is standing beside me commenting how tasty louise looks in her nightie and i tell her she must come out. somehow shouts that smithy has dissaperead and then i hear an explosion..that box has exploded and a fire has started in that room which spreads really fast around the hotel. so i get louise outta the room and we get down and out of the hotel, where everyone is watching it burn down at a rly fast speed. the entire right half is compeltly burnt (weird how it did it so fast but hey its a dream!). so then i tell louise we need to go find smithy and we run down and find him by the sea. i help them get away by telling them to go through a forrest and they make a break for it. i watch them leave and then reg comes up and tells me i did the right thing. we watch them running and then go back up to the hotel to sort out about the fire, acting like we didnt see smithy and louise..and that was it!! i woke up after that. weird dream but wud be an amazing episode of the bill!!lol to bad louise dies in thursdays episode.
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