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All things are possible to those who believe!!!

As Shawn Michaels would say-If you believe you will succeed!

FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO EMPLOYMENT!! lol or something along those lines, but I have a jobbbbiie!!
Burger King woop woop!!! Had the interview at 800 on Thursday, by 810 I had the job!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I finally feel successful! Had my induction session yesterday morning, and my first shift is this Tuesday night, 6-10. Workin 26 hrs this week at £4.50 an hour, as hilary duff would say-Do the Math! Works out at around £100 (before tax :-(). But still its not really about the money, its about having the job, the satisfaction of having a job!!!

So now I just have to get a girlfriend and ill be happy. Ill be happy :-).

OK so I havnt really updated for a while, except for suicide notes....Still doing my job at library. It was great on Friday because the server crashed and me and eddie had to get it sorted cos everyone was pissed off when the internet broke lol, but was fun. Got it back up eventually. Also, there was this guy who had been phoning for ages trying to make an appointment to get on the comps and have someone help him set up an email account. So he finally gets here on Friday and then we see why he a)cant set up an email account and b)he keeps changing his appointment- yup hes been in the pub all day!! hes a fucking alchoholic!! he was stinking of vodka and beer and I had the unfortunate task of helping him set up his account which took ages cos he didnt have a clue what he was doin. And sitting beside him stinkin of booze was just awful! He finally left (through the wrong exit but still) and then me n eddie were laughin about it lol. he was just terrible!!! But its all part of the job, and now if I apply to work in a pub, I have experience in working with drunks!! I didnt know if I was continuing with the job cos I didnt know my burger king hours but if it was my last day it was certainly a memorable one. But my burger king hours dont interfere with Library so I can still do that aswell! Which is good cos its a fun job and the staff are nice (the woman who works downstairs in particular wink wink!) and theres hot girls using the comps which I can hopefully chat up so heyho well see how it goes.

Also driving lessons goin great! Confident with them now although I did turn to fast last week and nearly crashed but its all part of the learning experience. Just waiting on getting the CD from kat and then I can take my theory/hazard test. Then take my practical hopefully soon, then buy a car!!!

Ok I think thats all...be 'c'ein u.

oh, i celebrated getting a job by buying the shawn michaels cross pendant!! ill post a pic of it when its delivered its sooooo cool!
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