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Had my first night at burger king last nite it went really well!! Except for my uniform :-|. I was told uniform would be provided but they only had one size of trousers left and they were waaaay to small for me lol. So I had to call my Dad to bring me my black trousers from my funeral whistle and flute down, but when I rang there was no answer and it was half an hour before i FINALLY got through to him and got my trousers. soooooo embarrasing! It could only happen to me huh! So I finally in my uniform, get a hat aswell!, and I get shown the ropes-how to work the tills, the fryer, the screens, the order of orders, all that stuff. Guy called Brian was showing me the ropes and hes cool. Went on break at 8 and had a burger king meal, now I reliase why mcdonalds is more popular lol...I wont write what I mean! After we ate...omg louisa is gonna be soooo mad at me for this....we were out the back cos he went for a fag and I smoked one aswell :-o :-o. Its horrible so I dont understand why I kept doing it lol. *i think its called addiction dear*. He said Ill be havin 1 an hour this time next week, I wudnt say that lol. But I did have a drag of another one at the end of the shift, but had to run cos my bus was there. Rite so after break I had to clean the toilets. Not a pretty thing to do but hey its my first day. Also mopped the dining area. Then that was the end of the shift. Was quiet, so I have to remember it doesnt get any easier!
Also dropped three subjects at college. Cos Im not goin back next year I only need 12 credits to pass, not 15 so i cn drop 3 yey less work! When Gillan and Derek asked me what Im doing after college I said Burger King and Jodi started laughing in her usual pyscho way lol. But John mentioned he can get me a job at asda so hes getting me the forms.
OK I think thats all, Ive got a driving lesson now wooohoo. and ill never ever smoke again louisa i promise!

Be 'c'ein u
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