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Quick Update

OK quick update before the wrestling starts...
PAYDAY tomorrow :D. Should be about 115 pounds but then they take off tax so lord knows how much Ill end up with, and £20 of it is going to my Dad for my phone bill! Also gonna get some new clothes and a haircut. and fags, i need fags!! stop scrounchin them off people at work :-P.
And speaking of work-tis goin great!!! Had a go on the tills a few times but mostly been running for people and cleaning everything. Got to clean the childrens play area on Friday omg that was soooo fun!!!! Ed (the assisstant manager) I like cos hes cool n lets you get on with things and you can talk to him easily. But Jackie I dont really like shes so bossy lol. But shes only in during daytime, Ed is mostly there at nites so thats cool. Getting to know all my colleagues, have been working with Emma a lot and shes nice, she keeps me right. And last night I scrounged a ciggarette off Monica and was speaking to her for a while, shes from Russia or somewhere so her accent is sexy :-P. She told me she used to live in north muirton, basically round the corner from me but ive never seen her, shes moved now though. But yeah shes nice. There all great really! Oh n almost got fired for calling the kids bags 'Happy Meals' lol what am I like.

Had a driving lesson on Thursday and that went OK as usual, except for some idiot who was on the road thinkin it was cool n showin off to his friends (we were driving round high skool) and we nearly hit him but he moved. Darn!! Circled the school twice cos I was lookin for kat :-P, and also someone I hate so I could run them over!!! We stopped at the newsagent cos Jack needed fags and he even offered me one but I declined. When the smoking ban comes in on Sunday your not actually allowed to smoke in your car, I dunno exactly where you are allowed to smoke cos its sooo complicated. David told me today there are some places where you cant smoke outside aswell :S ill be frightened to light up incase i get arrested!!!! Surley you can do it anywhere outside though :S?

Erm OK I think thats all. Off to watch wrestling be 'c'ein u!

Reminder:Mothers day on Sunday!
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