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Life and Times of Darren Kane

Darren Kane
10 November
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Im 17 and live in Perth, Scotland. I study Computing at Perth Community College and have no job at time of writing this but I am desperatly looking for one!! I have an ambiton to be an Undertaker! No kidding. I would also like to be a writer.
I am single, but I am also engaged. Long Long Story.
Dont have very many friends but then so what???
I dont have many interests. I love wrestling to death! If I could, Id get married in a wrestling ring (Take Note Emily!). I don't wrestle by the way, I just watch it. My other favourate program is Hollyoaks. I contstanly have dreams about it.
My musical interests are very wide spread. I like most things but hate rap and hip hop. My main faves are Katie Melua and the legendray REM.
I have an obsession with the dark side, death and hell. Id love to do a seance some time! And take a vacation to hell and back.
Im not very socialble and don't go out much becuase when I do people try to kill me. Seriously no joke!!
When I do go out, I like to go to the cinema and into town to buy new DVDS!!!! However this year Ive made an ambiton to get into shape and I will be going to the gym at some point!!!!! (Seriously Jodes and Graeme I will!).
Anyway thats pretty much all about me I think. Be 'c'ein you!