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Ok lets do this as quick as possible cos The Bill is coming on...

Passed both my COS test and my WWW/Javascript tests this week in Computing! wooohoo! Only HIM and IT Apps to do now and then thats me done for christmas. *Jurrasic Park!*

Had a driving lesson on Tuesday. Went really well again, and I got to drive home from the High School, through main roads and everything it was sooooooooooooooo fun!!! I didnt crash at all! *Back of the net*!

Was workin last nite at the concert hall, serving the meals to the diners at a christmas party. Burnt my hands cos the plates are FUCKING hot and the gloves are FUCKING thin! But its worth the money, and all the bog roll soaked in water I had to keep over my hands all nite! After finishing work me and some of the other guys from the agency went onto a bar. I was actually in a bar :-o!! We went to Sportsters, as usual I just had pepsi. Didnt stay long cos the last bus was at 12:15 and I was NOT walking home!

Got my christmas trees up! One in my room, and one in the drawing room! Christmas is truly here :-)! Also got all my Christmas shopping done yesterday and today. So thats that done and I had enough money for it all *phew*.

Got a card from Amanda today its sooooo nice! Its a special friend card...awww!!! I feel really bad now cos I just sent her a card from the box of Simpsons cards I got, not a special friend one :-|. So im gonna get her a huuuuge valentines card to make up for it.

Finally, Nana Moon dies in Eastenders tonite. its gonna be so sad :'(!!!

Be 'c'ein u
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